Monday, April 27, 2015

Furniture Rehab: 70's(?) Thrift Store Chair



The process:

Applying stripper

Scraping off (after about 24 hoursto let stripper work)

Applying a white wash (basically, thinned chalk paint)

Me pretending to act natural while someone takes my picture

Me not knowing what to do with my hands in a photo (think "Taladega Nights." ...and I know if I have to explain why something is funny, that means it isn't that funny)

Applying a mix of turpentine and black oil paint. This sinks into the grain, so pretty!

Me attempting to sew, literally my first time using the sewing machine in 15 years. Thank goodness for You Tube!!!

The finished product!!!

Very cool wood grain in this chair

So much character! I love it!!!

Thanks for checking this out! Leave a comment so that I feel special about it (-:


Annilee said...

You should feel special Amy! Maybe your kids will pass that chair down for generations! Good work!

zach said...

cool you are awesome!!

addisonthom said...

It turned out great! I need to do my kitchen set . . . (I may look like Addison but it's mom)

RachelB said...

Looks awesome!

RachelB said...

Looks awesome!

Sycamore Girl said...

Does this mean you are going to start really blogging again? Or are you just teasing?

Love the chair! We just moved into a new space where there i no room for a couch or love seat, so I need to find a few chairs like this to fill the space. I'll have to be open to other options like 70's furniture that may have potential.

Well done Amy!